New president wants to lead Mightymania out of the crisis

New president wants to lead Mightymania out of the crisis

The newly elected President of Mightymania, Mr. Remis Rulander wants to lead the country thanks to the efforts of a group of superheroes from the crisis.

While the police have to deal with corruption and infiltration and the military of Mightymania must protect against an invasion of foreign powers, criminal gangs of self-proclaimed supervillains find more and more support of Übermenschen.

For this reason these criminal gangs gained more and more power in each zone of the country over the last few years. Thus, the island Rough Sea Island in northwestern Mightymania is controlled by the cyborg Captain Evil. The unpredictable voodoo master Malefiz and Don Angelo Brutale are sharing the city Nordem. They rule with extreme brutality and intimidation.

Yesterday, President Rulander introduced in public his “Plan Paxa” to fight the lawless and criminal organizations. For this plan, a new special unit should be established, called “Mighty Squad”. The Mighty Squad shall be solely subordinated to the President and be led by the legendary Captain Mightymania. This special unit of superheroes should be capable of smashing the organizations of the supervillains and unite the Übermenschen in the service of society.

With “Plan Paxa”, President Rulander wants to give the citizens, who are in a seemingly hopeless situation, finally hope for peace again.

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