Interview with the makers of Mightymania

Interview with the makers of Mightymania

Introducing the team behind Mightymania.
The team consists of us, the two Robins (Robin Jünger and Robin Stuhler) and Mightymania has been a project on the side. We studied Informationdesign together and this is where we aquired all the skills that are needed to develop our own little browsergame. Together we came up with the concept for the game; we design our own graphics, develop the interface and write each line of coding to make this superhero world become reality.

Where does the idea to make an own browsergame come from?
We have played a lot of browsergames throughout our lives, some that we really enjoyed and some that were not really worth mentioning. But whether we thought that a game was good or bad, we shared the same thought, what they can, we can do even better. And since we both are passionate gamers with a weakness for superheroes, it seemed only natural for us to make our own superhero world through a browsergame.

What is Mightmania about, what are the highlights and how is Mightymania different from other games?
Mightymania is a role-playing game for smartphone internet browser. This makes it greatly different from conventional browser games, is designed for a small screen. As an information designer, we try to make the interface as user-friendly as possible. In terms of scale, Mightymania won’t be inferior to conventional browsergames. Another special feature of Mightymania is the story. Because there are two completely different storylines in which the player can be either a superhero or a supervillain, depending on his actions. If you want to know more about it, follow our posts.

Why is it a mobile superhero browsergame and not an app?
The advantage of a mobile browsergame against an app is clearly the accessibility. Players will be able to reach Mightymania on all smartphones with an internet browser. It doesn’t matter whether iOS, Android, Windows Phone or a smartphone with another OS. It is also playable on the PC or laptop, if you want to. We really want to give all players the opportunity to play together and prove themselves in Mightymania with their friends.

What is the current status and when is Mightymania playable?
Currently Mightymania is just before the Alpha. That being said, the players have to wait a little bit more until they can enter the world of Mightymania. We will try to keep you updated with lots of information, news and images. It is also planned a crowd funding campaign through Indigogo. So we will give the players the opportunity to be a big part of Mightymania. Last but not least: Currently there is a limited number of beta keys that can be reserved in advance through a simple registration on mightymania.com. The motto: “first come, first served! ”

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